Welcome to the Emporium

EmporiumWelcome to the Emporium.  We hope you enjoy this new store.  This is just another vehicle for serving you. Visit as often as you like.

For us, this is a realization of a dream.  Thanks to WooCommerce® and WordPress® we can now offer an Online store. We have tested the software and it is great.  You will have the ability to set up your own accounts.  Of course, the site is secured by redundant  ssl certificates .  There are a few more bells and whistles to add but a step at a time.

We have loaded a few products and will add more as time goes on.  Our vision is to provide you a one stop boutique where you can find products related to Conflict Resolution, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Peace building.

We want to offer books, audios, videos, webinars, and local events.  In addition, we want to offer our services and our full range of assessments.  We currently offer a full range of assessments for you.  In the next few months we will offer another assessment and our library will be complete.  Finally, we will offer a few items which we hope you will select that will help us spread our brand.  All of this is in line with our desire “to serve you to be a better you”.

This is your store.  We are only the managers and caretakers.  Please stop past as often as you like.  Browse our products.  If there is something you would like but you do not see here, drop us a note.  If we can get it, we will.

Again, we are excited.  We will be building and growing and we hope you will grow with us.